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Want to spread the word online even more about your theme? Announce your theme on WPSack! We invite theme creators to contribute to WPSack in our ever-growing community of bloggers. All written work is submitted to our staff, and if approved, your theme review will be posted to our blog, creating free exposure for your creation!

Do you specialize in certain area’s of WordPress, developing themes, plugins, and just WordPress stuff in general? WPSack also accepts content from writers who are passionate about helping others understand and improve their blogging experience.

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    Before you register and contribute to WPSack, we ask that you read through our guidelines below to ensure your blog post adheres to them.

    Important Information

    WPSack will not send an email to you if your blog post needs to be modified before being approved. It is your job to double-check that everything is in order before submitting the post for approval. Any guidelines not followed will result in the deletion of your pending blog post. I will not tolerate poor writing, content, or posts only concerned with getting a back-link.

    If you contribute to WPSack, your post will stay on the blog forever.

    We continually check links to keep WPSack running smoothly. If at any time we find a link your guest post is broken or unresponsive, we will reach out to you through your registered email to correct the error. It is important this is an email you check frequently. If we post your work, that means we love it, and we’d hate to have to take it down because of a link error.

    We will submit your blog post to our social media networks. There are a few more rules and requirements for submitting a blog post on WPSack. Things to keep in mind are:

    • Unrelated posts or useless submissions will not be entertained. We want well thought out blog posts.
    • Write for WPSack’s audience and not your’s.
    • Create a Gravatar account and add the email address you are registering to WPSack with. Please fill out your Gravatar profile completely. Without a picture or an author description, we won’t be able to share information about you on your guest post. Not filling out your profile also reflects poorly on your self-marketing skills, and will result in us not posting your work.

    Contribute to WPSack Requirements for Theme

    • Themes must be of excellent quality.
    • Themes must be your creation. WPSack will do research to make sure you are the original theme creator.
    • Upload images in your blog post (screenshots of the best features are great!)
    • Select a category that best fits your theme (You can find these on
    • Do not post any zip files in your blog post. Post a link to where the theme can be purchased or downloaded. Self-promote your work! The reader needs to know where to get your theme as well as support for it.
    • Use all options available when you writing up the review, we use the Yoast SEO Premium so make sure you fill in all fields for best SEO
    • Try to list all of the recommended plugins to be used with your theme.
    • Provide a link to the demo version of your theme if possible. If not, please ensure you have screenshots.
    • Internal Linking on this blog is encouraged. So, try to interlink rather than linking posts from other websites.
    • Posting affiliate links in your review will result in your blog post getting deleted. You are the theme creator so you don’t need to drop an affiliate link to the theme.
    • Select an image to be featured in your blog post.
    • If the grammar is worse than mine, I will delete the blog post. We have the JetPack Proofread tool enabled on this blog.
    • Only one backlink to your blog in your write-up is allowed. We have no problem with you promoting your own site, but multiple links can cause SEO issues.

    If your theme is already listed on this blog (we will check), we would then use your blog post and insert our affiliate links to the theme since we are a happy client of your affiliate program already. : )

    Contribute to WPSack Requirements For Tutorials, Plugin Guides, Etc.

    • We will do our homework and make sure the whole blog post is original. If you do pull data or quotes from somewhere, we ask that you put the content in quotes and provide the source link. Failure to do this will result in the blog post being deleted.
    • The blog post needs to be at a minimum of 600 words. If you are writing a tutorial, a guide on a plugin, or a framework tutorial, 600 words shouldn’t be a problem. All work should have enough detail and depth so that a novice blogger can comprehend the post.
    • If you are writing a blog post to purely self-promote your website or service, it will get deleted. Every post should benefit and educate the WPSack community.
    • Encourage comments on your blog post. This keeps readers engaged with your content! However, it is also important to reply to all comments on your guest post in a timely manner. If we have to chase you down because we are unable to respond to a certain comment about your article’s topic, we may not accept any future blog posts from you.
    • If we are notified that your post is violating copyrights, your post will be deleted immediately. Depending on the situation, you will most likely be banned from posting on WPSack.
    • Use pictures in your blog post! Screenshots of steps are helpful for the user as they work through a tutorial or problem.
    • Use all options available when you writing up the review, we use the Yoast SEO Premium so make sure you fill in all fields for best SEO.
    • If the grammar is worse than mine, I will delete the blog post. We have the JetPack Proofread tool enabled on this blog.
    • Only one backlink to your blog in your write-up is allowed. We have no problem with you promoting your own site, but multiple links can cause SEO issues.

    Ending With Some Words

    This may seem like a lot of rules, but the reader is our number one priority. We only want to provide our followers with the highest quality and most helpful content. Failure to follow any rules will result in the deletion of your post without notification.

    Ready to Contribute to WPSack? Send us an email with your first and last name then, of course, your email address. We will create the account and send the password to you. Every month, users with zero published posts get deleted. We check for any pending posts to make sure the deletion is a legit one.

    After registering and getting your password login and submit a blog post for review.

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