Google’s John Mueller says, changing one URL might not impact rankings

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Google’s John Mueller has responded online to a comment which was about changing URL structure of a website. The question was asked from the analyst that, if changing a particular URL can impact ranking. Here’s the question:

“Hi @JohnMuI have service page URLs as but we are planning to change the slug as does this change on multiple URLs will impact on ranking and visibility for such pages???”

The analyst replied, which most SEOs might expect, saying,

“It can. Changing a single URL rarely changes much, but if you’re revamping your site’s URL structure, that can definitely take a while to be reprocessed completely. Change when you have good reasons, and aim to keep it stable for the long run.”

Changing one URL might or might not affect the ranking, however, changing the URL structure of the whole website can really tank your site down and might take time, much more than anticipated, to recover from the loss. Hence, before taking a decision, you should think of everything it can do. I hope it was helpful.

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